Based on research into professional women’s career priorities, the Women’s Career Growth Programme is designed to give your talented women the opportunity to work with peers on how to achieve their business and career goals, using use a blend of tested coaching and collaborative learning techniques. Working in a group of just 6 – 12 women, your female talent will identify their unique contribution to your business, future career ambitions and importantly, an action plan to get them there.

The focus is on revealing participants’ true potential through self-awareness, peer feedback and learning transferable skills rather than on telling or teaching the answers.

Self-study assignments and reflective exercises before and after each module increase the impact of the learning sessions while 1-2-1 telephone coaching before and after the programme helps individuals to clarify career goals, affirm their development actions and create personal development plans. Available as an open or in-house programme.

The Programme provides:

  • Two hours of individual and sixteen hours of group coaching towards specific career or development goals.
  • A blend of tested peer-to-peer and collaborative learning approaches which helps women get to the heart of their thinking and develop a clear path to their goals.
  • Confidential, welcoming and respectful space to explore ideas, challenges and career ambitions.
  • Objective feedback and ideas from peers in an energising and creative environment.
  • Simple career development tools and exercises to take away and to help develop others.
  • An opportunity to build confidence and skills to express their talents and potential to the people they want to influence.

Participants will come away with:

  • Insights into key strengths, key skills and how to make better use of their talents in a motivating and rewarding way.
  • An understanding of what energises and motivates them to achieve their best at work and balance personal life without burning out.
  • Ideas and support to accelerate progress and achieve goals.
  • A clear and motivating personal action plan to achieve career goals and ambitions.
  • A personal profile to use for internal networking, career reviews and promotion interviews.

The Career Growth Programme comprises four workshop modules which can be run in-house over two days or as four half-days with intervening gaps of several weeks to allow for personal development activities, to process the learning and create sustainable change.

Contact us to discuss how the women’s career growth programme can help accelerate the careers of talented women in your organisation.