Boost women’s leadership with self awareness and systemic thinking 

Female leaders often say they face different work pressures and expectations than their male colleagues. As leaders, they can also be in a minority, particularly on senior teams or in male dominated industries. If this isn’t off-putting enough, one of their greatest challenges, according to psychologist Thomas E. Schoenfelder, is buying-in to the negative stereotypes of women in leadership. They can combat this by concentrating on their own ambitions, rather than lingering on the idea that being the boss isn’t, somehow, ‘feminine’ – and by building confidence in their own leadership style.

Career Garden’s approach is based on the same principles. We believe is important to help women fully step into who they are at their best, to find their true voice, so they can confidently contribute as part of the leadership team and be recognised for it.

A key enabler for leaders is the ability to successfully manage relationships with teams, peers and other senior colleagues – to skillfully navigate the complex human systems in which they operate. Women frequently have lots of experience in managing relationships but are unsure how to use it to their advantage.

We work with you to:

  • Understand the relevant challenges and development areas for your female leaders
  • Provide the individual and peer group development which best supports women’s growth
  • Blend training, skills development and self discovery with systemic coaching and co-coaching
  • Develop the skills and resilience to work more effectively with others
  • Help senior women to draw on peer support effectively

Countless studies demonstrate how gender diversity creates challenge and debate, different ideas, experiences and approaches which lead to better outcomes. Organisations in all sectors need to develop the leadership skills of both their male and female talent in order to be successful in the uncertain and challenging world we face today.

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