Let’s unlock the full range of talent in your business so you can pull ahead of the crowd

It’s no longer enough for organisations to have competent people who fit the mould and do the job they are expected to do.

To stand out from the crowd, innovate and make a real difference in your business you need different people from different backgrounds – who are comfortable with ambiguity, confident in stretching and applying their skills, able to lead through complexity, seek to collaborate with others and are passionate about serving your mission.

You may already have some of those people. You may also have noticed that not enough of them are women and you are at risk of losing the ones that you have. You may be one of those women yourself.

“We have talked a lot about glass ceilings over the years, but in my view we now need to talk more about sticky floors. Why are women choosing to leave?”

CBI Director-General Carolyn Fairbairn, Jan 2016

We want to see the tide turn – so that building and keeping your diverse pool of talented people is no longer a gendered issue. It’s simply part of your culture and the way you do business.  Let us help you start that change in your organisation now:



It starts with four steps:


  1. Understand what stops women from realising their potential, leading and staying as they go up the career ladder
  2. Help women discover their unique talents, vision and potential. Support them to manage negative thought patterns, self limiting beliefs, relationship and other obstacles
  3. Create opportunities for them try out new behaviours and actions and grow in a climate which builds confidence, unlocks creative thinking and encourages them to reach their full potential
  4. Build peer networks and co-mentoring support to sustain their progress

We offer: Masterclasses, Leadership Development, the Women’s Growth Programme, 1:1 Coaching, Mentoring and peer support


It’s not just the person, it’s about people
Nobody is an island, and there may be external factors which prevent some people from showing up and fully contributing to your business. It may be the unconscious bias, the wider organisation culture, a lack of understanding or skills in some business units.

We work with partners such as The Hobbs Consultancy to help you understand the current blockers in your organisation, allowing you to develop and train people in creating from diversity and build a more inclusive culture.
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