Session 1: Foundation  

Open the door to achieving your career ambitions by gaining a clear understanding of what’s important to you and where you want your career to go. This session answers the fundamental questions of “Who am I?” and “What do I bring? ”What will help my career to flourish?” It lays the foundation for a career development plan which resonates with you.

Session 2: Core  

Building on Foundation, this session explores what gives you the confidence to move forward and what holds you back. By becoming more aware of these powerful parts of yourself and defining your unique talents and skills you can build more positivity, choice and focus into moving your goals forward..

Session 3: Vitality  

Work­life balance is continually sought after and a source of frustration for many professional women. We help you to build the understanding and skills which enable better choices, fulfilment and energy in your life and work.

Session 4: Flourish  

Drawing on what you have learned throughout the programme, this session is the springboard to self­leadership, making an impact and achieving your career goals. You will present and receive feedback on your new career profile and develop a motivational action plan for taking your career forward with confidence.