Career confidence for flexible workers

Career confidence comes from from knowing who you are at your best, what’s important to you and how you want to communicate with others. These were just a few of the topics we covered at the recent Ten2Two event for flexible workers in Sussex on 7 February. As regular contributors to these events we were delighted to see once again the power of peers working together to gather new insights and revive hidden talents. We wish you all a wonderful entry to the flexible job market with the marvellous support of recruitment specialist Emma Cleary and her team.

Give your career some tender loving care!

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Are you making the most of your female talent?

Research by McKinsey, Catalyst, Reuters Thomson and others continues to demonstrate the business case that organisations with women in senior roles have higher returns on equity and operating results than those that don’t. Despite this, progress in improving the pipeline of female talent in the UK is still lagging. Among FTSE 250 companies only 23% of Non-Executive Directors are women and significantly, only 4.6% of Executive Directors are women. Meanwhile research from Aspire suggests 78% of women are thinking about leaving their corporate jobs to start their own business.

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What the corporate world can learn from women-owned businesses

A lack of ambition isn’t the problem. There is no shortage of women who aspire to lead. The problem, according to a new report from career management company Right Management, is that many women seeking career advancement don’t have women in their lives that can serve as professional peers and confidantes—”real models” who can empathize with their journeys and provide support.

Read what the corporate world can learn from women-owned businesses:

When Women Lead – Businesses Do Better (PDF)